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  SG Stormfront's Brawnson

     2000 & 2002 WPO Champion SchH3 DPO2 FH2
     KKL2 lbz Narc/Patrol/SWAT K9
     USZ 10612     DOB : 19/02/1994
     Linebred : V Ingo von Rudingen 4 - 5

Stormfront's Brawnson

Most people that are familiar with Czech and DDR dogs will likely have heard of Stormfront's Brawnson. Brawnson was owned by Mike Diehl and together they accomplished many great things. Brawnson was not only a great sport dog, but also an accomplished dual purpose K9 for the Marion County Sheriff's Department in Indianapolis for over 8 years. In his career, Brawnson has apprehended over 300 suspects, conducted over 1000 searches, and had 100 street bites.

In addition to all of this hard work on the streets, Brawnson has also earned the following :-

   Placement Trial Description Year
  5th place Mid-East Regional SchH3 Championship 1999
  4th place WPO National Championship 1999
  27th place IDM in Hanover, Germany 2000
  1st place WPO National Championship 2000
  2nd place WPO National Championship 2001
  1st place Mid-East Regional SchH3 Championship 2002
  1st place WPO National Championship 2002
  3rd place North American FH Championship 2003

Brawnson was a true black sable male that was always described as extreme. He was a very powerful, dominant male with crushing grips and extreme drives. As a side note on his Köer report, he was described as "especially hard and praiseworthy" in his protection work (which is not a common remark put on breed surveys).

Brawnson son and daughter at 18 months old out of von den Dämonhunden Kennel.

Bronko von den Dämonhunden   Bijoux von den Dämonhunden

Geonology of SG Stormfront's Brawnson

Brawnson has a very strong pedigree and is linebred 4-5 on the famous V Ingo von Rudingen. Other notable DDR dogs in his pedigree include Bero von der Friedersdorfer Flur, Cliff vom Bleichfleck, and Ohle vom Rundeck. Brawnson also has influence from notable West German dogs such as Bert vom Knüfken, Enno vom Berglein, and Greif zum Lahntal.

Breed Survey of Brawnson

Medium sized, medium strong, good expression, rich pigment, short upper arm, should lay back more, good rear angulations, good fore chest, short lower chest, and correct front. Gait must be stronger. Good character. TSB pronounced. Do let out. Recommended for improving TSB

Brawnson's reputation also lead to being the only foreigner (dog bred and/or owned outside the country) to be invited to participate at the annual Slovakian Stud Dog Show. Even though he was older, he still impressed everyone with his protection work and drew crowds of admirers.

I have personally had the pleasure of owning dogs from Brawnson. One son never failed to impress, whether in the ranks of Schutzhund trainers, Police trainers, or AKC competitors and judges (he earned a CD title with two 1st place and one 2nd place performances with little preparation). Mike also allowed us the privilege of breeding to Brawnson shortly before he left for Slovakia. The result was an extremely consistent litter (from pigment to structure to drive levels) in which there was not one pup that could not perform well in some venue of sport or work. I've also had the chance to observe and help train Brawnson offspring from multiple litters. Common traits in all dogs were high drives, strong nerves, extreme natural tracking abilities, and good looks. While Brawnson may be gone now, he has left plenty of offspring throughout the world to pass on his strong genetics. The future will prove him and his genetics to be important to the working dog community.

Mike Russell and Kane von der Haus Maul, 1st place AKC CD trial

Mike Russell - Dämonhunden German Shepherds