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  GSD Color Determination & Genetics

The Basics of Color

At each locus, a dog carries two genes, one from its sire and one from the dam. Agouti locus order of dominance: Sable, Black & Tan, Bi-Color, then Black.

These genotypes (gene-pairs) produce these phenotypes (exhibited traits)...
     - a Sable gene (aw) + another gene = a Sable dog
     - a Black & Tan gene (as) + a Bi-Color gene (at) = a Black&Tan dog
     - a Black gene (a) + any other gene = a dog of the other color

A dog of this color (phenotype) can have these genes (genotype)...

Sable (aw) Black & Tan (as) Bi-Color (at) Black (a)
aw + aw as + as at + at a + a
aw + as as + at at + a -
aw + a as + a - -
aw + a - - -

The Color Matrix

The table below is designed to illustrate the relative probability of color pattern in a litter when the two genotypes are mated. The offspring genotype is in text, phenotype is color-highlited. White text signifies homogenous (same) genes. Bracketed genotypes indicate a surfaced recessive phenotype in the offspring, different from those exhibited by it's parents.

Click here to download the PDF version of the Color Matrix above

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