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Welcome to DDR Legends, an international informational portal dedicated to the love & passion for the German Shepherd Dogs.

           " Everyone is different from each other yet with the common BOND of their love
                                                                                 of the GSDs that linked us all together ! "

Please spend some of your valuable time to browse our DDR/Czech/WGR Discussion Forum where you can find a lot of GSD information, real life stories, experiences, breeders' opinions and most of all you're welcomed to share your precious experience with us and others. The excitement doesn't just stop here, with the help of our friends and associates world wide, we're pleased to share with you the most COMPLETE and UNIQUE DDR/Czech dogs Photo Gallery and some information that you really wanted to know but didn't know where to look for.

Our visitors (YOU) are encouraged to send us links, articles, pictures or anything else you would like to be published on this site.


German Shepherd Dog of the Month

   Each month we will be featuring one of the many DDR/Czech/WGR German Shepherd Dog (GSD) and have an in depth study, bloodline analysis, discussion or anything under the sun that is related to the particular dog.