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                                               Tom z Pohranicni straze OP1, ZVV2, ZPS 5CVQ1/P velmi dobry (0/0)
Tom zPS

There are few involved with Czech dogs who haven't heard of this this dog. Tom z Pohranicni straze the living legend. One of the most proponent sires of our times Tom has sired well over 150 litters in his breeding career and is still standing at stud at the age of 11 yrs. Tom is a stud of larger build and beautiful conformation. His fame as a stud dog is not simply due to his own career as a police dog, which he retired from at the age of 10, but to his ability to pass on his excellent work ethic and fighting drive to his offspring.
He has numerous puppies that are working the streets as police K9's with an enormous amount of power and confidence and he has also produced a number of litters for the z Pohranicni straze kennel.

While working as a police canine Tom was able to confront real situations with a level head and fierce fighting drive. He was able to take on opponents with no hesitation while both training and working. Due to Tom's retirement his handler is now working with a Tom son, a testament to Tom's ability to reproduce what a K9 handler finds necessary in a partner.

B'Rum vom Schattendal (Tom zPS x Iery Vikar)            Brok vom Schattendal (Tom zPS x Iery Vikar)

Tom's lineage is truly "old world." His sire, Cordon An-Sat, was considered to be the greatest producer of police dogs. Cordon was titled to ZM, ZVV3 and an IPO3. There are only a handful of dogs each year that are of a high enough calibers to be able to obtain the prestigious ZVV3 title. Tom also is a descendant of Klara z Pohranicni straze, Klara was considered to be the Pohranicni's all time best brood bitch, as well as the DDR great Held v. Ritterberg. Pedigrees containing Held are most sought after in the working DDR and Czech world due to his genetics that are known for producing strong dogs capable of true work.

Condor An-Sat   Held vom Ritterberg

Genealogy of Tom z Pohranicni straze


Tom has the temperament we all seek in a true working dog, the conformation that allows him to fully utilize his powerful strength, the pedigree to back it up and the ability to pass it all on to his descendants. While Tom himself is a 'once in a lifetime' type of dog we can continue his legend through his progeny and by striving to achieve the "perfect" dog in our breeding programs. Dogs that are able to do it all like Tom his time and again shown himself capable of.

I would like to thank Pavla Firlova of kennel Moravia Campanella(FCI) for the picture of Tom and Andrea Turkia of Schattendal kennel for the use of B'rum and Brok's pictures, as well as everyone else too numerous to mention that I've talked to and questioned about the true nature and temperament of the living legend Tom z Pohranicni straze.

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